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    Zaino™ Wax



     Better Than New. No Other Wax Compares.






Zaino's™ research and development in advanced molecular-chemistry has resulted in Show Car Polish™ products that offer the wettest-looking, clearest, deepest, and longest lasting finish in the industry. Best of all, Zaino Show Car Polish™ creates an award-winning finish without the use of abrasives or harmful silicones. Plus, because we want your car to look its best for many years to come, our Show Car Polish™ products include the most powerful sun-block available in a paint protection system: UV-40. Our polish is literally sunscreen for your car.


Zaino™ Wax is a 7 Step Process

  • Wash Exterior & Wipe Door Jambs

  • Wheel Clean

  • Bug Removal, Minor Tar, and Paint Removal

  • Towel Dry

  • Clay Bar Process for the Entire Car

  • 3 Coats of Highly Concentrated Zaino Wax

  • Enhancing Spray Between Coats to bring out the luster and color of your car

Zaino Wax Packages

All prices are subject to change due to the condition of the vehicle


Compact             $255

Standard             $330

SmSuv                $405

LgSuv                 $480

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